Monday, July 23, 2012

Upcoming Blog Candy

As soon as my package of goodies from CHA arrives...those things that would not fit in my suitcase...I will have some blog candy to give away.  One of the items will be a Scotch ATG.

I would like to have this giveaway open to my blog followers both old and new. You are the ones who keep me going. So, if I draw your name and you are on my followers list, you get a brand spankin' new ATG with refill as well as a few other goodies.

Keep watching...the mail will come...eventually!


Louise (KardKrazy) said...

Hey, I haven't been the post office yet! I hope to get there in the next couple days though.

Lululiz said...

Ooh, its pink! How lovely.

butterfly said...

That's so generous - thank you for sharing your CHA experience on the blog and now with actual goodies! I'm so envious (despite having followed all the action via various blogs and companies) - I'll have to make sure I get to CHA one day!
Alison x

Lynn Stevens said...

Aren't these just the BEST!!! I own two, one for my 1/2" tape and one for my 1/4" tape. Guess I'm just to lazy to switch the rolls! LOL
hugs Lynn

Susan said...

Thanks for the generous giveaway! Wow, I never got that kind of stuff at CHA!